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If your world is full of chaos

You're living in the old one.

Integrative Relationship Counsellor • Intuitive Healer • Spiritual TEACHER • ASCENSION COACH



Waking up isn't easy. Because there comes a point on our journey where we realise in order to become One with Divine Consciousness and with others, we need to become One within ourselves.

We reach a level of awareness where we start to see that nothing outside of us is going to fill that void. Where we begin to understand the true meaning of self-love is self acceptance of even the most unloveable parts of ourselves. Healing is messy, and it hurts.

What’s harder is the world we grew up in has conditioned us to believe we are separate. It does not accommodate for love, forgiveness and compassion. It does not have room for spirituality, for free thinking, for self reflection, for expanding consciousness or authentic self healing. Getting lost isn’t hard.

The world we grew up in was birthed under a system of control and inequality. It deceives us into thinking our happiness is outside of us, where instant gratification is what works, so we never take a chance at standing in our own power, breaking free from our own chains and reclaiming our sovereignty.

It does not have room for unity, peace or freedom; only separation, chaos and slavery. It does not have room for mistakes, and god forbid if you make one that you’re ever coming back from it without the yoke of guilt and shame hung over your head. It wraps up what we think is spirituality into a neat little faux bow and sells it to us as an escape strategy to avoid facing our pain and crossing the bridge to true inner peace, real relationships, enlightenment and the new earth.

I don’t live in that world anymore. And you don’t have to either.

Because we are creating a new one ;)


My name is Chloe. I’m an integrative relationship counsellor, intuitive healer, spiritual guide and ascension coach.


Actually, just like you, I am a lot of things— I’m a devoted lover, pug mumma, loving daughter, blogger, nature enthusiast, and extreme pleasure seeker. I’m a messenger, an alchemist, twin flame, claircognizant empath and light warrior.

I stand up for love.

But I won’t sit here and tell you it’s all been sunshine and rainbows. It’s taken some work to get here. I’ve experienced a lot of things. I’m a child from a fractured family. I’ve been married and divorced. I’m an old friend of the bender and getting lit as a second language. I’m a cancer survivor. A rape survivor. An overcomer of eating disorders, depression, suicidality and anxiety.

I’ve had my world ripped from underneath me more than thrice, both from my own choices and life throwing me spanners.

HOWEVER Underneath the fluffy labels and the claims of paiN, stripped of all my titles, my identities, my strengths, my weaknesses and my experiences, I am but one thing— pure, Divine Consciousness. Just like you.

And just like you, I was born into this world separated, lost and forgetting who I was.

Just like you, I was thrust into a life I didn’t think I chose, put up against tremendous challenges I didn’t think I wanted, and experienced a MONUMENTAL amount of pain I sure didn’t think I asked for.

But the truth is, I did choose. We all did.


"We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness."

Thich Nhat HaNH


If you are authentically ready to become WHOLE in yourself, shed what no longer serves you and HEAL to emerge as the Divine being that you are, I would love to be your guide ;)



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